Sandbox Tweaks

Thursday 28-03-2019Cinema Obscura @Sickhouse, Ariensplein 1, Enschedeopen at 19.30, entrance 5 € Sandbox Tweaks is our first Cinema Obscura edition about our new theme “Modding reality”. Mods are games ads, alterations, modifications that changes different aspect of the game in general. This year we want to try to see how this gaming tweaks  can or could … Read moreSandbox Tweaks


For its 2019 edition GOGBOT is looking into Biotech-Infotech exploring through art and technology, the impact of the simultaneous biological revolution and data storm on our society and the future of humanity. This GOGBOT café brings academics, artists and researchers to discuss bioethics through talks and discussions about the ethical problems of bio-art, the concerns … Read moreGOGBOT café 2019- BIOTECH


Sickhouse and Tetem explore together the world of Virtual Reality (VR) in conjunction with Abner Preis’s Walk-in Worlds exhibition. During the event VR2-D2 we investigate the different layers of this fascinating reality. From the meaning of the term “virtual reality” and the history of VR glasses to the diverse applications of this technology in the … Read moreVR2-D2