about us!

Sickhouse is a research space using popular culture as a base of reflection, with a Cinema, an exhibition space, a room for VR experience, a workshop area and our retro living room office. Gaming and films are the tools we manipulate to question the development of our society and its digitization. Sickhouse present and co-produce crossover projects combining art, gaming, pop culture, science, music, philosophy…

Located at the top floor of Warp Technopolis at Stationsplein 1, 7511 JD Enschede.

our aim

We believe that playing is a social tool and a means to understand each other, develop empathy and transform the way we shape our society. Sickhouse wants to create time and space for playfulness in art and in our society.

Sickhouse wants to broaden the understanding of gaming and popular culture and its permeable limits within our social context. We use these popular tools to communicate urgent matters to our public. And in this sense we also promote gaming and interactive art as high quality medium for this kind of reflection.

Sickhouse supports artists, creative and underground thinkers in their process and wants to give access to a diverse reflection about the most relevant issues of our world.


Sickhouse is also supporting diversity in gaming and digital culture, trying to represent more minorities and social exceptions in our programs, working on the development of an inclusive platform.

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What's here?

@ Sickhouse you’ll find art with a predilection for interactivity, games (indie, VR, retro), films, B-movies, trash & underground, music (especially 8 bits, modular synthesiser and live coding) and other diverse forms of creative thinking.

What is cinema obscura?

Cinema Obscura nights are monthly interactive projections in relation to our year theme.

The selected fiction of the night is presented with related games, amini workshop and a VR experience. The Cinema room is an interactive space where our public is welcome to (over)react, engage into a discussion, present its own references at the end of the screening…

We also regularly organise a pre-program with guest speakers, mini docu or performative presentation.

what is sicklab?

SickLAB brings artists, academics, game designers and creative thinkers together to support our process of research. Participants are invited to develop a creative and interdisciplinary research/project which will be presented as an interactive installation at the festival.In this research we want to push the participants to use each other skills, knowledge and expertise to achieve something out of the categorized and existing fields.

Tapeloop by David Scheidler & Jasper Schütz. Presented at the Overkill Festival 2018, Enschede [NL]

what is the overkill festival?

The Overkill is a 48 hours nonstop festival which regroups an art exhibition, a selection of indie games, an alternative movie program, live performance and many activities such as workshops, master class, talks… all selected around our theme and presented together in an original and immersive setting. It is the presentation of all the different research and collaboration we developed during the year.

On the website you will find all the information about our platform, the event we organise, the project we co-produced, and an archive of all the films and games we present. Don’t hesitate to visit us or contact us!

The Overkill Festival 2019. Aftermovie by Fraaije Film.