Follow our live events on Youtube! You can also find all the past events and rewatch the ones you missed or you loved 🙂

On our twitch channel you can follow the let’s play videos live and rewatch them for a few days.
You can also use the chat to communicate with our streamer and comment on their game, challenge them or help them through the games!

The virtual hang out, created in Mozilla Hub, designed by Louisa Teichmann and Noemi Biro, is the place for our live events. You can join the music program, follow the streams of talks and workshops and discover the AKI students exhibition. You will be able to enter via screen or VR glasses, choose your avatar and explore the spaces.

This virtual environment works the best in the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome. (update your browser to enjoy the best experience)

Screen mode :You can move within this space using your mouse and the arrows of your keyboard. With the letter G you can fly 🙂

VR visitors:
Use the 2 handles to teleport in the space. In the AKI expo, you need to pause the videos you don’t watch to be able to see one properly. We’ve tested oculus 2, oculus go, Vive, which works fine. Oculus quest does not work good.