We’re so excited to announce Sickhouse will be getting regular takeovers this year! With the end of lockdown in sight (well… we hope at least), and space to share, Sickhouse wants to offer artists the opportunity to develop a project in situ and present their work in a physical and virtual way. Sickhouse is therefore calling for artists from all kinds of backgrounds to help us transform our space and experiment with their art.

What we are looking for: We are looking for artists to take over a part of our space, for work periods of a month and transform it with wall paintings, projections, installations and more. You can create the art on the walls, floors, ceilings, etc. We are really looking for you to make it your own, anything is possible (in consultation with Sickhouse). The work will be part of the space and will stay displayed for the coming times, until we need to leave the building.

Not only will your art be showcased to all of the guests that visit Sickhouse. We will also be collaborating with you to host a digital showcase of your work, in the shape of a virtual opening and presentation within our Mozilla Hubs.

We are looking for artists inspired by digital culture, pop culture, gaming, (science) fiction… Sickhouse has a limited budget for each intervention. This one will be discussed with each artist depending on their idea. The margin goes between 500€ to 1500€ including fee and production costs.

When? We are looking for artists starting from the end of March on. We are looking for 3 different projects. Hopefully the physical re-opening of Sickhouse will happen in July. All the artists will be invited to join us in the presentation of the program.

How to contact us Email your idea to Marie Janin at We look forward to hearing from you!

We need a concept with its references, 1 A4 max, a production budget (a detailed estimation if possible) and an idea of where in the space you would like to work. If you need to come by and take a look at our space don’t hesitate to mail us to snake an appointment. 

Mail :

Location : Stationsplein 1a, Enschede

Time period : May to June 2021