Friday 14-06-2019 // SONIC DIY (2)

@Sickhouse, Ariensplein 1, Enschede
open at 19.30, entrance 5 €

Sonic DIY 2 is an evening about modular synthesiser music with talks, lives and a jam session to discover local talents, dive into the history of this great alternative electro movement and dance together!


20:00 Patrick Jonkman – talk
20:30 Dennis van Tilburg – live
21:00 Nicolas Toussaint – talk
//// 21:30 break ////
21:45 Modular Jam hosted by Gijs van Ouwerker
////22:30 break ////
22:45 Hmisu – live
23:30 Acheface – live

Ole Nieling will animate a workshop in the breaks

Patrick Jonkman is presenting an overview of the history of Modular synthesiser from the coolest pioneers to the new generations of modular communities.
Nicolas Toussaint from SoundForce is presenting a.o his newest product The SoundForce DCO:  an oscillator for Eurorack based on the architecture of the Juno-60/106 oscillator section.
MODULAR JAM: Hosted by Gijs van Ouwerker (aka Acheface) : 4 guests are linked in pairs and given a pace. And then … in turn they improvise for ronds of 5 minutes. In ever-changing compositions.

Dennis van Tilburg:  “As a self-taught musician Dennis developed a complete unique playing style with a mix of electronics, live sampling and self-built or custom instruments.”
Hmisu: Using old hand made electronic gear to capture and express the moment in a dystopian and futuristic way.”
Acheface : “Rhythmic industrial music performed exclusively on a Eurorack modular synthesizer!”