Sickhouse Lab session Kick off : Do you want infinite Lives?

Game Over; do you want to continue?, Do you want to save your lives? Start over, 1up, infinite health…
The terms used in video games related to life and death are a great source of inspiration to begin our research about immortality. When you can collect hearts, recover from deadly injuries in a few seconds, play “God mode” or start over again and again, your relation to “life”  (in the virtual environment) is totally different then the one you have with your “real” life.
What happens when our “real’ lives are as much online than offline (what we use to call the real world), what is our relation to death in this new circumstance?
Yesterday alchemist were dreaming about immortality, today the impact of technology on science seems to bring the dream to the field of possibilities. In what feels like a close future, cyborg, digital immortality, resurrection of cryogenized bodies and eternal youth will transform our humanity.
In Sickhouse lab we are bringing artists, academics, game designers and creative thinkers together to hold a research on the meaning and impact of immortality on our lives.

Games presented

Super Mario cheat (infinite lives)

SOMA (digital immortality):

Limbo (learning by dying)

This Dragon Cancer (talking about death through game)

Death online

Online memorial

Facebook “in memorium” page

Player Two

Geoffrey Lillemon “Like to death”

Film extracts

Demolition Man

Mars Attacks

Real life

Tour in Alcor (cryogenic center)

Frozen for 50 years

Ray Kurzweil