SickLAB kick off

Our theme for 2019 is “Modding Reality”. Mods are alteration players or fans of a video game make to change one or more aspects of a video game, such as how it looks or behaves. We are wondering what happens when this process is applied on our reality.

This theme wants to include a questioning about reality itself, in a time where the borders between real and virtual become irrelevant. When all our senses start to be included in immersive experiences where is the border with body enhancements? When we use online gaming as human resources to solve scientific puzzles can we save the world online? When we use construction games to rethink our communities, will we be able to live together outside the digital world? etc…

To help us reflect on this subject we are inviting you to participate in a creative, playful and interdisciplinary research. Our idea is to offer multi disciplinary groups the support (with times of reflexion, meetings and finance) to create an interactive installation/work/game around our theme and present it at the end of the year at The Overkill festival. We are inviting artists, game developers, hackers, academics, creative minds and makers…


18:30 doors open
18:45 welcoming words and introduction of the Lab and the Overkill festival
19:00 presentation of Tapeloops machines withDavid Scheidler
19:15 introduction of the theme “Modding Reality”


19:40 Short presentation of the participants (5min per person max) You are invited to say a few words about you and your work
20:15 open discussion around the theme, questions, ideas, open mic with drinks and snacks
21:30 end of the evening