Just eat it

Eat ze Riche?!


In a world.. where the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.. – JJRoussie-boi, to friends, presumably.

The premise of this game is that of enjoying BLACK FRIDAY as a mob. It is definitely not hiding that it is a comment on the best parts that capitalism has to offer. We COULD discuss each of the many individual elements extensively and philosophically, and forever. Instead, here’s a list of themes that are poignantly littered throughout the game to chew on.

I need some control, get me toilet paper! Or a wall.

Themes like toilet paper are very IT right now. While we are not in hungry states as during the famine in the French Revolution, we are in a state where the rich have hoarded the toilet paper, so therefore.. engage the totally not respecting the social-distance-mob.

The media..ooohhh, the social distancing media.

The virtues of the social media are exclamored when you can upgrade your mob – I mean ermmm agglomerated shoppers.

Riot police gonna be wearing ALLL the N95s

Riot police and global MEGACORPS.

You have successfully accrued a ton of debt. Not a problem for big countries, but for you..

Congratulations, you’re in debt.

And yet there is NO EATING OF THE RICH! Where are they!

Technical and Mechanics

The response of the mob is a little sluggish, the franticness of black friday could be a little more frantic. Stuff sticks nicely to the individuals in the mob, leading to interesting gameplay where you have to choose whether to take the whole mob back to get SAVINGS!! or to hang around a little longer to get that very very enticing looking moped in the back of the shop. Also hats..


So there you have it. Unadulterated blinding capitalism and cute naked guys, I guess they ate their own clothes first.

Is it good? Yes.

Should you play it? Yes

How long is it? About 10 minutes single playthrough.

Where can i play it?!: Here on itch and then on your Windows computer.

Who made it?! [Call Of The Void, LolthersArt]