Revenge from Coralie Fargeat, 2017

review from Aike, film watched on Cineville

I sometimes imagine myself having the perfect response to an insult, victoriously walking away leaving my opponent utterly destroyed. This one perfect sentence. If i look at the movie Revenge from Coralie Fargeat, i found that great response.

Revenge works both ways. I want to be entirely destroyed first, suffering the worst, really feeling the pain, falling down a 20 meter ditch and landing on a spiky tree thingy… I want and need that, just to come back, drug fueled, blood spattered bride style, swords swinging ecstasy.

I think it is fair to say that Tarantino was a great influence on this film and I love it.

The underlying themes in Revenge are not very subtle. Men are pure evil and deserve whatever is happening to them. Depicted as insect predators with no mercy for their prey all the while their wife’s are at home cooking. I don’t think we can get a more classic setup. But I don’t try to look at the film as a statement on gender roles and I don’t get the feeling that I actually have to .

If you are looking for meaning and debate you’ll find it. It is there. But I want Revenge.