The Indifferent Wonder of an Edible Place

The Indifferent Wonder of an Edible Place
A game by Studio Oleomingus  

This game -that is free to download on the Steam-workshop- is actually more of a poetic art piece. It all revolves around a huge tower in the middle of a deserted landscape, only filled with old school televisions. These TV’s show a number, and that number corresponds with a specific block that you have to eat. Yes. Eat.

During your quest to find all the correct blocks, you’re getting poetry thrown at you. Not literally, but, there’s a lot of poetry. Something that I personally love. In that sense, I really enjoyed this game. The landscape itself made me very happy as well, I even walked an extra round. Which is something I would normally not do. Not in games, especially not in real life. 

The visuals of the tower itself were beautiful as well, inside and out. But, and there comes the minus part. I personally feel there was a beautiful chance that the designers and developers didn’t use. To eat all the necessary blocks, you’re hoping inside and outside the tower for quite a bit. There could be a bit more variety in scene-changes. In the end, though (after you’ve eaten all the blocks), all of the sudden there are a lot of scene changes, which made me really enthousiastic. I really enjoyed them, but then the game was finished. Worst part: in the intro-movie the tower collapses, and I really hoped I could make that happen again, but it didn’t. So no collapsing towers here.

In general, I would really recommend playing this game/interactive art piece, if you’re a fan of poetry, digital art and mind-suithing block-eating. If you’re more of a ‘let’s shoot all the zombies in 20 seconds’-kinda person, maybe skip this one.