Our Vision & Ambition

Sickhouse is a playful art space focused on the impact of digital and popular culture (films, gaming, social media …) on our society.

With a cinema room, a workshop space, VR areas Sickhouse is an experimental and interdisciplinary presentation space. With a yearly festival, SickLAB and Cinema Obscura research programs, educational and artistic partnerships, regional networks collaborations, Sickhouse aims to work on a dynamic and healthy ground for culture and its relation to the public.


Playing is the core element of this creative space.

We believe game is a source of socializing, a diplomatic tools, a stress releaser, a way to learn or master things and an amazing way to spend your time. Playing, in this sense is time for experimenting, collaborating, developing empathy and understanding, confronting yourself to others etc…

Development of Indie game & Interactive art network

In the coming years we want to work with the local gaming startups and communities to strengthen the regional indies network and bring interactive artists to the community. We believe trans-disciplinary projects are allows a more critical and relevant approach.

Creative Breeding

Our ambition is to create a space for art and science experiments, interdisciplinary research and critical presentations. Our idea is to set up a relevant and high quality program in a non formal and accessible set up for different audiences. Stationsplein is a top location to reach a diverse public a different moments of the day and night. It fits our perception of a dynamic culture looking forward to the construction of the future.

Sickhouse with its focus on playful and interactive art wants to bring in this collaborative space, its art and gaming expertise. We believe into experimental processes for the development of social communities.


Regional Collaborations

As a creative and underground initiative of Enschede, we are part of the Generator network and aim to grow into this Network our relation to other creative projects and creators. We believe that the more creative platform the region can get the more dynamic and interesting the research and proposals can become. Sickhouse with a focus on digital culture wants to be open for experimental set up, try-outs, students projects, pop-up exhibition, festivals etc…

It is part of our development program to become a platform for AKI students and Alumnis, for UT Creates, philosophy, Design Lab department to get a role in the program of our space. 

We want to support locals, young talents, experimental projects etc…

Examples of earlier collaborations : Overijssel Film festival, museum nacht, Tetem night, GOGBOT café, Gamelab oost Game Jam…