welcome to sickhouse !

The atomic playground of Enschede! 💜🌊🎮

Sickhouse is a playful art space focused on the impact of digital & popular culture on our society. We use play as a mean to engage on social topics with lightness and responsibility. 

Sickhouse transforms itself every week to host screenings, exhibition, game contests, parties, live performances… You will find art, (indie) games, VR, music, films, PLAY PLAY PLAY..

Sickhouse is a safe space, please read our code of conduct before joining us 🙂

::: NEXT@Sickhouse :::

+20/01 Geluidsdrug JAM session

+ 27/01 D&D /TTRPG night (pilote)

Located at the third floor above the Spacebar at Stationsplein 1A, 7511 JD Enschede.



FRIDAYS 19.00 to 01.00
We’re open every Friday evening for a film projection, a gaming night or a music evening, from 18:00 to 00:00.
Once a month the Friday is reserved for a Cinema Obscura night. Follow us on facebook to stay updated! 

MONDAY to THURSDAY from 12.00 to 17.30

SATURDAYS 12.00 to 00.00 
Some Saturdays, Sickhouse offer its space to creative (don’t hesitate to contact us to present your own). Check our agenda to find out when.


Every work day from 12:00 – 17:30, Sickhouse opens its workspace with access to coffee and tea. We’re open for freelancers and students to work and relax.

Make sure to reserve a spot (€2,5-) so we know how many people are coming!

Sickhouse can also be used for informal meetings and on appointment, we set up games and VR experiences for meetings.


@ Sickhouse you’ll find  art with a predilection for interactive works, games (indie, VR, retro), films, (B, trashy & underground), music (especially 8 bits, modular synthesiser, live coding and experimental) and other diverse forms of creative & playful thinking!

Here you can play, interact, work, (re) discover films, party, learn and experiment.

Theme 2022


The Overkill festival 28/10 to 4/11 2022

The Overkill festival 2022, HEAL ROYALE. A gathering to reboot your (digital)-self

The Overkill HEAL ROYALE investigates the way in which technology and digital culture, while exposing people to a constant flow of input, also can provide spaces for online expression and beneficial practices. The festival has named three narratives, following gaming archetype to create a collective, transformative and sensorial experience.

The first chapter, the Healers, explores how technology and spirituality are connected. Within this narrative there will be attention for traditional care, meditative technology and liberating sessions in which the expression of pain, frustration and discrimination are also given a place in the healing process.

The second narrative Gathering of Witches, we link digital commoning the Witches archetype. In this narrative, we are looking for empowerment through online games, online rituals, glitches and indigenous traditions, alternative and radical ways are sought to replace the prevailing capitalist and binary systems.

Within the third narrative Crowds of Sinners, The festival focuses on the possibilities of multi-sensory play, including a reflection on the problematic sides of digitization and inclusion.