Founded in 2018, Sickhouse is a playful art space that explores the transformations of our society through digital culture. Interactive art, movies, games and music are presented in our physical space and online through extraordinary events, exhibitions, screenings, festivals, let's play, talks, meet up, research, parties and more. Sickhouse programs are developed as open research towards The Overkill, our annual festival. The interdisciplinary and participatory programs focus on play, experiment and fiction as stimulation for critical reflection, connections and empathy. The participating artists and makers are explorers of virtual technologies, new media, gaming, films, mapping, 3D environment, social media…

Sickhouse inspires with a high-quality and critical program and brings a diverse range of international artists and makers to Enschede. In search of the new developments, tendencies and digital habits of our society, Sickhouse confronts its audience with groundbreaking technologies, alternative projects and diverse approaches to progress.

Example : first time VR in the Rijksmuseum Twenthe 2015 / a stage for live coding since 2017 / Bias in AI by The Zizi Show by Jake Eelwes during GB 2021…

Playfulness, flexibility and caring make Sickhouse unique.

Sickhouse is looking for new and different ways to understand each other; develop empathy and care. Its programs support reflections on identity, collectivity, techno-ecosystems, our human condition in a world in crisis and in the process of digitization. Sickhouse co-produces interactive and interdisciplinary research under the name SickLAB and invites artists and makers to collaborate and dive into these topics.

As a space for expression and reflection, the programs reflect the different ideas and stories of the many visitors, participants and partners of Sickhouse. Collaboration comes in this process as evidence.

Sickhouse makes room for creative thinkers, new talents and curious minds to experiment, go on stage, try out, develop their own programs.

The team of Sickhouse is an international group of passionate people, aware of their responsibility as the host of an open public space. Together they make it a priority

to be a safe space for its visitors and for its team. This means that the team is actively working on accessibility, hosting and prevention skills within the spaces and programs.

As an undefined space, Sickhouse empowers its team, guests, participants and visitors to give it the function they need. Sickhouse supports everyone in exploring their identity and seeking alternative ways to be in our society.

At Sickhouse you will find a cinema, a flexible space for exhibition/concert/game evenings/party, a bar and studio spaces. Sickhouse has a collection of (retro) games, game consoles, VR headsets and cameras that are accessible to the participants of our labs and workshops. Sickhouse is active online with regular streaming events such as let's play, live exploration, talks and music. Our Mozilla Hubs, created by artists, is our virtual space to host exhibitions of our archives and workshops. Sickhouse is also open as a co-working space and rents out its spaces and services for meetings, presentations, private events, etc…

Sickhouse is financed thanks to the support of local, regional and national funds and the public revenue.