The Overkill Festival

The Overkill is an art and gaming festival. Artists, curators, game makers and creatives are invited to help us redefine ourselves as individuals, species, society and connected beings. The festival features interactive installations, indie games, VR, alternative films, experimental lives, talks, workshops, a hackathon.

The Overkill is a presentation platform for the research developed through the program of Sickhouse. The festival consists of a multi disciplinary exhibition with interactive pieces, live acts, learning/sharing sessions, talks, and participative playful performances.

Playfulness and gaming are at the heart of the program of the festival. We bring several disciplines together in an immersive experience to explore our theme from multiple, and diverse mediums. During the festival, these are exhibited together, without hierarchy, trying to confront the content and the mediums with each other in order to create debates. During the festival, visitors and makers are challenged to play, look around, participate, discuss, listen and exchange opinions, their experience is an important focus in our way of curating the event.