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Charlie & The Lesbians

May 03, 2022

    Tonight we have a special post punk performance in Sickhouse.

    Doors: 19:30
    Start: 20:00

    We’ve been hearing a lot of raw post-punk with a groove lately, from bands like Idles, Heavy Lungs, Viagra Boys and Squid. Since last summer, Traumhaus has been causing a furore on the stages and festivals in the Netherlands with a remarkably balanced sound: raw but organized. With a groove, even when it’s taken back a notch and with good songs as a basis. This show is not to be missed.

    Sometimes a band name says all there is to say. The singer of Charlie & The Lesbians is called Charlie and his drumming sister Soesja is dating bassist Noortje. Add guitarist Mees in the mix and the result is chunky noise punk of the infectious kind. Not too fast, a bit nihilistic and with vocals that fluctuate between blankly and panicky. Perfect music to scream out your pent-up frustration as you go along rhythmically on the post-punk groove.

    Tickets are still on sale.