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Cinema Obscura : Village of the damned

July 28, 2023 17:00
  • FILM
  • Outside

For our last outside cinema before the Summer break we are going back to cult and classics remix version of The Village of the damned from John Carpenter, 1995.

After a strange, unseen force envelops the town for several hours one fall day, all of the local women become pregnant – a shocking development for most of them. 10 children are born, nine of whom survive. With white hair and cobalt eyes, their stark and unusual resemblance makes it appear that the brood are all siblings of the same parents. As they mature, they display extraordinary supernatural and telepathic powers which prove fatal to several townsfolk – and may spell doom for the human race.


Date: Friday, July 28th
Time: Doors open at 7 PM, movie starts at sunset
Location: Sickhouse terrace
Tickets: 6.66€

Gather your friends, bring your blankets and pillows, and join us for a memorable open-air movie experience on our beautiful Sickhouse terrace.