march, 2021

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For this month exploration Marie (Sickhouse) and Zuraida (Zoii) will be diving in the world of Decentraland founded in 2015 by Esteban Ordano.

Last summer the festival Eufonic, created a Synthetic room on the Decentraland platform that was born with the intention of hosting 3D proposals that could not be seen anywhere else. Playmodes, Marta Verde and Anne Carreras were invited to present virtual version of their work.

Decentraland is a blockchain powered world-building game where users can create, experience, and monetize what they build and what they own. In Decentraland’s shared virtual world users can buy land, known as "parcels" and control the content published on their land. This content could be anything from scenes and images to games and applications. Users can explore, travel and visit venues in a similar way to in the real world.

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(Thursday) 20:00 - 22:00