Summer Film Camp

July 24–04 August, 2023
  • FILM
  • DIY

Summer Film Camp is a fun, 2 weeks program, welcoming young and curious minds in the world of filmmaking. It will be experimental, it will be collective, it will be DIY and full of surprises and improvisation.

Within the 2 weeks of camp we will learn how to create a scenario, how to hold a camera, how to build a decor and select filling location, we'll try some acting classes and we'll learn how to edit footage! We are making ONE film all together. The film will be premiere at Ko(o)rts our short film festival on the 2nd of September!

Each day the group will meet at Sickhoes (at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe) for workshops and learning sessions. We learn, create and eat together! Some days of the week we'll have a + program in Sickhouse with screenings.

We will make this film with the support of professionals from the film industry.

With :

  • Chloé Mazlo (Film maker (FR), website)
  • Aurélien Maillé (set designer (FR), website)
  • Lucas Toornvliet (animator (NL), insta )
  • Lars Blom ( sound designer (NL), website)
  • Els Schutman (drama teacher (NL))
  • Stein Boon (cinematographer, (NL))
  • Concordia (arthouse cinema Enschede, website)

More guests to be announced

The Summer camp is hosted from the 24th of July to the 4th of august.

  • If you want to learn in a playful way how to tell stories this is for you!
  • If you like to work together with a team and explore new things, this might be for you!
  • If you don't know what to do with all the holidays free time, this might be for you