Summer Film Camp

July 22–02 August, 2024
  • FILM
  • DIY

Our Summer Film Camp is a fun, two weeks program, welcoming young and curious minds to the world of filmmaking. It will be experimental, collective, DIY and full of practice!

This is for you if you are between 16 and 25 years old, if you want to learn in a playful way how to tell stories, if you like to work together with a team, and if you are into getting new skills!

WEEK 1 : Workshops week. 22-07 to 26-07
Learn with professionals, how to write a story, create a story board, use a professional camera and use the lights, act, improvise, create a set ...

WEEK2: Make a film together 29-07 to 2-08
With the group you will make a short film from scratch, from acting to filming to editing, you are responsible of everything! With zero budget, a mentor and a technical coach.

PREMIERE: 20&21-09
The film will be premiere at KO(O)RTS our short film festival in September!

dates : 22-07 to 2-08
times : from 10.00 to 17.30
location : Sickhoes, in the back of the Rijksmuseum Twenthe
Fee : Free, lunch included - NO SLEEPING SPACE 12 spots available

If you are interested, please send a mail to Aike ( telling a bit about yourself, your favourite movies and why you want to join the Film Camp! (you can also make a video, a drawing, or wrote a poem if you prefer).