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Foosball tournament

September 22, 2023 17:00
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Because we can and we are leaving our space, we try everything we never did! Friday 22-09 we are hosting a foosball tournament. Join in teams of 2 and try to be the best of the world of Sickhouse!

The rules will be announced/reminded at the beginning of the night.

After 20.30 it is not possible to register anymore. We start the tournament at 21.00!

In order to participate you need

  • To register HERE (You can register online (that help us prepare we love it) or between 19.00 and 20.30 in the walking and training hours.
  • To dress up as a team (choose your colour/style and name)
  • To be fair-play

You need to come on time to join the special warm up hosted by the Sick Team and you are forced to cheer for other players when you don't play yourself!

Don't be shy, show your skill and get a chance to win a full festival ticket for The Overkill!! YEAH