03–05 February, 2023
  • Game

Sickhouse is opening its doors for the GLOBAL GAME JAM 2023! From Rwanda to the Philippines, from Brazil to Kazakhstan and from Cambodia to Enschede, all over the world people are working at the same time, creating amazing games! In Sickhouse, you can join with your team, or come by yourself! Board games, VR, 2D pixel adventure stories, everything is possible. The cinema, audio-installations, the wood workshop, everything is open for you to let your creativity go wild! On Saturday afternoon, Dave from TKKRLAB will host a workshop about Pico8, and on Sunday we will open our doors to the public, letting them try out your creations. The Overkill festival is sponsoring this event, offering one or two makers of the jam the chance to develop a gaming experience for the festival, if fitting to our ambitions. The chosen maker(s) will be offered a small monthly fee as well as a production budget to realise their project and premiere it at the Overkill festival in November. You can find more information about this program here: are opening Friday the 3rd at 17:00, and will be open the whole weekend!PROGRAM WEEKEND :Friday 3-0217.00 Walk in17.30 Playful kick off18.00 to 00.00 Jamming00.00 film screening (not for the faint-hearted and not mandatory obviously )Saturday 4-0210.00 to 00.00 Jamming14.00 Pico8 workshop 00.00 film screening Sunday 5-0210.00 to 15.30 Jamming15.30 Public presentationYou can sign up through the website of the Global Game Jam, by selecting SICKHOUSE as the location! You find this link on our website, !