Sick&Sexy at Het Roze Filmfestival

07–06 June, 2024

Sick&Sexy is a new experimental adult film program of Sickhouse exploring sensual, erotic and porn movies and the power of pleasure. This program wants to be fun, queer, exciting and steamy. Expect sweaty unicorns and sexy out of space creatures cuddling.

For its first edition Sick&Sexy invites Satyrs and Maenads: Athens Porn Film Festival. to create a selection reflecting on the intimate relations between humans and machines. The films explore technology bias, humanoid intimacy, cyber pets relationships and robot desires.

This Friday 7th of June is the first evening of Sick&Sexy to explore queerness, intimacy and technology at this edition of Het Roze Filmfestival in Enschede, organized by Think with Pride and Concordia.

These are the 5 short films:

1. Musings of a Mechatronic Mistress (2024), Dir. Jasmin Hagendorfer. Austria, 24:24 min, English with English subs. Starring: Tiffany,KattaSpiel, Iris Phan, Kate Devlin, TanjaKubes, JaninaLoh , Jason Scott, Johannes Grenzfurthner

In a world where technology and humanity intertwine, Tiffany, a self-aware sexrobot, embarks on an unparalleled journey of self-discovery

2. Wetware (2024) Dir. Alessandro Amaducci. Italy, 06:27 min, no dialogue.

Can the machines ever feel what their bodies skillfully mimic: desire?

3. Input Error (2021), Dir. Katy Bit & Iris Glitzer. Germany, 14:02 min, German with English subs. Starring: Mo Haze, Officer Flower.

Are robots the answer to our deepest sexual desires, or a mere sign of humanity’s downfall?

4. Infinite Lube (2022) Dir. Cornpop Bright, Squareheart. Greece, 03:30 min, no dialogue. Starring: Cornpop Bright

A dildo from outer space meets a human from earth and they get wet and play.

5. CyberPets (2021), Dir. hiperlinque, Profânia. Brazil, 17:47, min, Portuguese with English subs. Starring: Faiska Meloso, Profânia.

An Animal Journey Into the Sexual World. Profânia and Faiska Meloso dive into the petplay in an outer reality. The challenge is to know how deep they are willing to go .

So, are you coming?

Get your tickets at the website of the festival or at Concordia’s.