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Swamp Surfers

March 10, 2023
  • game
  • hybrid

To get to know our website, the Sickhouse team, together with Louisa Teichmann, created a game that you can either join online or in the physical space! Just sign up, tell us if you want to join in Sickhouse or from wherever in the world you are, and we’ll make sure you’ve got a spot.


You know Werewolves. You know Among Us. Keep those in the back of your head. Swamp Surfers is a puzzle game, filled with tasks and riddles! You solve them from either your computer or from the Sickhouse building. Together, the online and offline players become a team, because you will need both the physical space and the website to find the answers to the clues.

BUT WATCH OUT! IT’S THE INTERNET! There’s a troll in the building, and it wants to stop you from finding the solution! Every night, the website goes into eco-mode, and the players in Sickhouse will fall asleep. Be aware, because you might be the troll's next victim!

However, if you’re in time to gather all the clues, you can stop the troll from trollin’! The doxing tool, the secret antidote to the troll, will be presented if you and your online or offline teammates work together really well, and solve the puzzles!

We absolutely can not wait to play this game with you!

Doors open at 19.30, game starts at 20.00

Entrance : free

register here