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Collective masquerade – 2021

Welcome to the celebration of fluid collectives, where you don’t have to be defined by your gender, your preferences or your background. Bring them on, we don’t want to hide or to ignore them either. Let’s confront each other's heritage and re learn how to care, looking for our common grounds. The Overkill “Collective Masquerade” invites artists, curators, game developers and creative minds to explore how we can redefine ourselves as individuals, species, society, and connected beings.


It is no news that we are social beings, but it is the first time we are confronted with physical distancing on a world scale, showing us how physical contact is an important aspect of our humanity. We need each other to dance in crowded raves as much as for contesting oppressive powers. The digital solutions will not replace the physical impact of the crowd, but we’ve seen more and more creative experiments to rethink the group online or offline.

The rules of online communication have been trying to integrate these needs. More and more webinars start with a moment of grounding, online code of conduct helps us reflect on safe spaces, kindness and accessibility, filters and virtual background support a reflection on privacy… As for the offline developments, from choreographed demonstrations to city scales, treasure hunts, the sense of presence, retaining the traces of passages have become a way to create a scattered crowd.