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Modding Realities - 2019

Welcome to the real world!

In this new edition of The Overkill festival we invite you to discover the real real, where virtual spaces, online entities, and digital experiences are part of reality. You will need to step and dive in, believe what you feel, question your certainties and let the other disturb you.

Online and offline are so intertwined it is not relevant to oppose them anymore, the peculiar and exciting liminal space in between is growing fast. The increasing interest for ASMR, the development of multi sensory VR experiences, the need for new terms like “Mixed” or “Hybrid” reality are signs that the physical and the digital want to merge. The metaverse is under construction and we are its modders, responsible for its shape and its impact on the world.

The Overkill Modding realities is an ambitious program where we try to confront ourselves to our responsibilities as modders of the world, where we question the reflection our digital screens send back to us and where we dare bend the rules in order to open up.