Creatieve Broedplaats funding

Sickhouse is very happy and proud to share that it has been granted with the “Creatieve Broedplaats Twente” funding.

This grant is meant to support Sickhouse to become a stronger structure, meaning at first taking care of its team and implementing the next steps of fair code practices. The grant will also be used to support the production and diffusion of playful experiences within a professional and supportive network. And finally the grant is here to develop a European network of DIY/DIT art and playful spaces.

Our ambitious plans bring Sickhouse to the next level, support independent creations within a healthy network and help export local knowledge all over Europe.

In 5 years Sickhouse became a space for multi disciplinary practices, experiments, celebrations, (self)explorations and expression. From gaming it takes its attitude, challenging its visitors while engaging in colourful adventures. From art it takes its organic shape, moving and transforming itself at the contact of others.

We are looking forward to using this support to focus on what matters the most to us : give space to PLAY.