Reflecting on our multiSINsorial program at Sickhouse, summer 2022

Reflecting on our multiSINsorial program

We've explored the theme of Greed for two nights. Thursday is a cryptococktail event that looks at the absurd aspects of cryptocurrency and challenges how we use the resources of the world. Come and mine with us in a playful way and earn money to buy drinks at the bar and to use at Sickhouse the following night. Friday, the cinema is open again and we hope you're ready to explore all of your senses while watching a film on greed. After the film we will take a critical look at capitalism by playing a game created just for Sickhouse, Life Sized Sickhouse-opoly (monopoly). This game will have lots of twists and turns and be full of Sickhouse fun. Take a look back through our monthly MultiSINsorial Cinema program and don't forget to get your Ticket for the film and program this Friday!