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The Ultimate IndieMash : Playful Contest

🐔 🥁YOUR FAVOURITE PLAYFUL CONTEST IS BACK, AND YOU CAN JOIN! The Ultimate IndieMash (formerly known as Sickhouse Eurogaming) will be held on the 18th of May and YOU can be part of it! 🥁🐔

🕹️ The Ultimate IndieMash is a contest for playful makers from all over the world, to present their work to an international audience.

> Hosted live from Enschede and streamed online, the participants get 3 minutes each to show their game, interactive project, immersive installation or playful performance, through a live video connection from wherever they are in the world.
> The challenge is to make the public and the jury want to play their game the most.

> At the end of the program, the public and a jury of professionals will vote for their favourite project.
🕹️ 🏅Besides receiving the Sickest Trophy, the winner of the Ultimate IndieMash will also get a spot at The Overkill Festival 2024! 🏆🕹️

JURY : 😺 Zuraida Buter - 🦄 Matilde Patuelli -

Not only are we looking for the most original, extravagant and alternative playful concepts, The Ultimate IndieMash is also a celebration of diversity within the indie-game community. We strongly encourage applications from candidates who are likely to be underrepresented in the gaming world. From coding mothers to queer visual artists and indigenous storytellers, everyone is welcome to show their unique projects and creations to our audience online and in the theatre, so sign up now! You don't have to come to the Netherlands to participate, all contestants get to show their project through a video connection!

This year, for the first time, we’re collaborating with the Vestzaktheater in Enschede and streaming producers MadTV from Wierden, to create an exciting show with music, glitter, glamour and of course the main acts of the evening; the playful contestants!

📩 To apply, fill in this form! You have until April the 24th! Our team will choose the 10 best fitting concepts to show their work on the 18th of May! 📨

If you have any questions about the concept, the application, or anything else regarding the Sickhouse Ultimate IndieMash Game Contest, please email or join the discord channel

See you all very soon!
💜 Lots of love,
The Sickhouse Ultimate IndieMash Playful Contest team