Theme 2023: The Outburst of the Digital Swamp

Theme 2023 The Outburst of the digital Swamp

Last week's Wednesday, we presented our research theme for the year: The Outburst of the Digital Swamp...
“The swamp is meta. The swamp is dangerous and beautiful, an ecological ignored paradise and the home of unknown and potentially dangerous species. The swamp smells, it drips on our keyboards, it creates short circuits. The swamp is full of stories, rumours and tales, floating between traditional legends and memes culture.”

Diving in the internet like we would explore a swamp, scared, curious, wet and dirty, expecting monsters and searching for forgotten treasures. We will bring in this research the context of our climate crises, the last transformation of our digital culture through AI, follow the tangible cables of our internet, unfold social media trends and their influence on our behaviours....

The results and findings of this research will come together at our yearly event The Overkill Festival, taking place from the15th to the 19th of November! Save the date!