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Anne Horel : Ctrl IRL

March 24, 2023
  • EXPO
  • Social Media
  • VR
  • AI

Anne Horel Ctrl IRL

In this exhibition, Sickhouse invites artist and designer Anne Horel as a player would dare another one. For the first time Sickhouse decided to focus on one artist to support her in the exploration of new practices. Looking for space outside of the screens and outside of the institutions, the french artist is taking on the challenge, exporting her works out of their digital home.

Navigating social media for better and for worse since decades, Anne Horel bathes in pop culture with humour, a sense of kitsch and lots of energy. Looking for the goddesses of our times, imagining the creatures of our virtual worlds, curious about every new tool, between weird and cool, like a fanartist, she remixes everything. Collages, video clips, wall paper, virtual worlds and installations, from scissors to A.I the work of Anne Horel takes many shapes.

Looking back into the artist archives and supporting the creation of her first spacial installation created with A.I, the exhibition Anne Horel Ctrl IRL, is an invitation to dive into and to pull out of. With a lot of trust the artist collaborated with the team of Sickhouse to create sets for her worlds, playing with the notions of fake, absurd, beauty, popularity, craft…

For one week Anne has also been exploring the city of Enschede, experimenting with new printing techniques in Saxion Fablab, doing her first steps in ceramic with Ilse Scholten and Puck Verras, selecting her favourite items at Studio Spitsbaard and testing the vegan restaurants of the city. The results of this discovery week are presented in the exhibition and will lead to more collaborations within the time of the exhibition.

Anne Horel : Ctrl IRL is open from 24-03 to the 24-06

  • Friday’s from 19.00 to 00.00
  • Saturday’s from 16.00 to 22.00

Anne Horel is also part of the Reality Check festival, organised by Saxion. Some of her works are presented in The garden of Liminal delights’s exhibition and she will present her work with A.I on Thursday 30-03 in the Grote Kerk.

We will host a summer celebration and a Pizza cooking show as finissage of the show, between the 21st and 24th of June.

Sickhouse would like to thank artist Anne Horel, exhibition team Philipp Wiynck and Hans Runge, Birgit Albersen, Demi Leusenkamp, Herjo van triest, Djoeke Hurkesn and Daniil Bondarenko from Saxion Fablab, artists Ilse Scholten and Puck Verras, vintage store Studio Spitsbaard, Nailartist Andra from Manilab, printing company Tuccer reclame, Silkscreen company Groenewas, Willemijn Calis for her hospitality and Sickhouse team and volunteers to make this possible.

This exhibition is supported by the Gemeente Enschede.