Booster festival

01–02 April, 2023
  • Music

Booster Festival is the place where new East Dutch talent gets a stage and gains knowledge of the world of pop music. The daytime program consists of a music conference and in the evening the roof goes off with a showcase festival, open to the public!

Get your ticket for the conference here // The evening program is free :)

More than 40 artists will perform in the city center of Enschede on Saturday 1 April. Musical talents from Overijssel and Gelderland, who have registered and have been selected, will perform throughout the city centre Enschede. Booster is an event organised by ArtEz conservatorium and celebrates its 10th edition this year!

At Sickhouse we open 2 stages with

in the cinema :

in the main space :

You can find Booster at many other locations such as Poppodium Metropool, Tankstation, Boksclub Twente, de Wonne Wintertuin and many others. Find the full line up here