Anne Horel Ctrl IRL

24–25 March, 2023
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  • social media
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Friday 24 of March opens the first long term exhibition of Sickhouse and we are very happy to welcome Anne Horel. After discovering her work online during the lockdown in 2020 we collaborated on several occasions playing with Anne online, inviting her to collaborate with other artists on the craziest face filter and supporting her in the creation of an interactive work for The Overkill masquerade, a cadavre exquis created based on the public participation.

Within this new chapter of our year program, we dive into social media platforms as we would in a rainbow version of the swamp, dangerously attractive. For the exhibition “Anne Horel Ctrl IRL” Sickhouse is challenging the artist to take her work out of the screens, out of their social media birthplace into the physical space.

The exhibition is both looking back at the long navigation of Anne through social media and looking into an accelerating future. The online, the virtual, the physical, the tales, the pop culture and the art history live together in her worlds, not afraid of the kitsch, the pop stars and the glitter. Also presenting her latest works and a new installation based on her exploration of Chat GPT and DallE, Anne is playing with humour and fantasy with every tool available online.
Anne Horel website

The exhibition opens Friday 24-03 at 19.00 with a welcoming word from the artist Anne Horel and curator Marie Janin with a drink and some Pizza, followed by a live performance from Tirikilatops. The evening ends with a DJ set of Ilja Kolosovs.

Saturday 25-03 the exhibition is open from 15.00 to 22.00 with a workshop of Anne (more info soon) at 16.00.

The exhibition will be open every Friday and Saturday from 24-03 to 21-06

  • Friday’s 19.00 to 00.00
  • Saturday’s 15.00 to 22.00

K-pop duo Tirikilatops is a collaboration between UK and S.Korean artists and musicians located in the UK. A combination of kimchi beats, pop sensibilities, offbeat lyrics, dayglo colours, hacked keyboards, dada attitudes, forteana and super earworm melodies. Tirikilatops has recently gigged in the UK, South Korea and Japan. The last couple of years saw them becoming UK festival regulars playing Supersonic Festival, Supernormal Festival, Zandari Festival South Korea, Other Worlds Festival, Uk, Sounds from the other City Festival Uk, Beatherder Festival Uk, BBC Introducing live and many more. ----



Sickhouse would like to thank artist Anne Horel, exhibition team Philipp Wiynck and Hans Runge, Birgit Albersen, Demi Leusenkamp, Herjo van triest, Djoeke Hurkesn and Daniil Bondarenko from Saxion Fablab, artists Ilse Scholten and Puck Verras, vintage store Studio Spitsbaard, Nailartist Andra from Manilab, printing company Tuccer reclame, Silkscreen company Groenewas, Willemijn Calis for her hospitality and Sickhouse team and volunteers to make this possible.

This exhibition is supported by the Gemeente Enschede.