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Creo: After Hours

17–18 December, 2022
  • Exhibition
  • Art
  • Digital

Creo Collective, a collective for young entrepreneurial artists. Founded by Fee Lemmens
and Demi Nankman in 2021. They started at AKI on the Crossmedia Design course, where
their connection and love for both AKI and Enschede began and continued to grow. Since
studying in Enschede, they have noticed that they miss a place where young artists can unite
and share their knowledge with each other, but also be free to experiment and stand apart
from the past generations. A place for and by young artists. They want to fulfill this need.

'Creo After Hours' is intended for young people who are interested in art and nightlife, but
find the threshold to go to a museum just too high. By offering Creo After Hours, we hope to
increase awareness among students in the Netherlands. By offering Creo After Hours we
make art accessible and less elitist. With Creo After Hours we want to make art more
accessible among Dutch students. We also want to create an evening where students can
share their curiosity about art with each other.

The exhibition After Hours is designed by Creo and filled with work by its members. These range from
first-years to graduates. All types of people and all types of mediums. We want the exhibition
to be a realistic picture of what is going on in art schools and among young people.

With artists Emma van Goor, Isa Bongers, Lennart Thole, Maryan Abdelalim, Max Aurich, Myrthe Kingma, Vesela Panova, Yannic Nierkens...

With Musicians LNR, Gappieouwe, Nera, Property, Sjama El, Thoms Traxx, Remma

DATES 17 & 18 December
TIMES : Saturday 19.00 to 00.00 / Sunday 14.00 to 18.00
Entrance 5€ (door sales only)