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16–15 November, 2022
  • Music
  • Dance

WEDNESDAY @ Sickhouse MuSICK because why not!
Presenting OMNI SELASSI (European tour) + HALFBOI , in collab with the Kraaiennest.

Omni Selassi plays on to musical doom. And nothing remains as it was: split and disassembled, symbiotic, androgynous, kaleidoscopically polytoxic. Two drummers meet a singer, a guitar and all kinds of other stuff, knickknacks, shenanigans. Pop, grunge, ritual, punk, never as dogma, always as an attempt at failing. Or: What’s left of rock music in the year 2022 after C.Halfboi takes the idea of conceptual music just a step further. It's a story-driven music project, where each EP is like a season of a TV series. Next to each track is a short audio-drama podcast of about 3-5 minutes, which tells the story behind the music. The chapters of the story are supported by atmospheric music and foil. This concept originated from a love for music and a passion for telling stories.

Doors open at 20.00
Entrance fee : 6,66€

Bar is open all night

Get your tickets, it's almost winter, come dance with us, links in bio#MuSick #omniselassi #halfboi #Sickhouse #Enschedeculture