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Frise Lumière + Bitter Expo

April 28, 2023
  • Music
  • experimental

Sickhouse Welcome to live acts looking into the edges of sounds.

Frise Lumière (FR) is the personal project of Ludovic Gerst, artist, musician and composer. refining the instrumentation to the bass alone. A sound rooted in both experimental and minimalist

Frise Lumière was born in 2018, from an exploration of the instrumentation of his bass alone or in collaboration with different artists, dancers for performances, before the release of his first LP album, Bisou Genou end of October 2021. Since this first album, he has been performing all over Europe.

Everything comes from raw textures, a noise, a note… like a voiceless chant trying to come to life, to cast itself out of a body, out of a mouth, out of this page, this bass. Hit, stroke, hijacked, refined to only itself, this instrument becomes both melodic and rhythmic, turning into percussion, letting through other voices, other breaths…

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Bitter Expo (NL)

For love, promises, keep sakes of grief. Millions of ways to go shape your beliefs. Laying pipe in your assets, may providence shed your leaves. Bitter Expo; arcane band of thieves.

Doors open at 19.00

Concerts starts at 20.00

Entrance fee 5.55€ (support us to pay the fee of the musicians :)