Sickhoes #2

June 17–14 July, 2023
  • video
  • ART
  • Sickhoes


For the second iteration of the video program in Sickhoes, Sickhouse selected four videos exploring what digital animality could mean in the hybrid worlds we inhabit together. The 3 artists use video games, textures, animations, A.I as means to create new bodies and new languages generating spaces for new critical narratives.

Felix Klee

  • WHALE POWER machinima / 3:00 min. / 2021

Whale oil greased the machines of the industrial revolution and fueled the light of change. We pushed whales to the brink of extinction and brought climate change upon them. Now they are back with a vengeance! WHALE POWER is a humorous revenge essay, machinima and speedrun through the history of whale oil - all at the same time. In a historical twist, it rains down the revenge of the whales on the modern city.

Alix Desaubliaux

  • L’autre monstre machinima / 48:26 min / 2021

The video essay L’autre Monstre is a conceptual walkthrough, a visual poem and a documentary. Wandering within the extraordinary reconstructed nature of Monster Hunter World (2018), Alix Desaubliaux captures in this video the contrast between the pro-environmental message of the game and the reality of the carbon footprint hungry that is video game technologies.

Eva Papamargariti

  • As they were drifting away, their bodies turned into waves video / 11:00 min / 2021

As they were drifting away, their bodies turned into waves is a video work that focuses on the dialectic of fluidity, movement, and the entanglement between the bodies and the traces they leave as they float, sink, disperse, and are thrown in and out of the water.

Felix Klee

  • My paws are soft, my bones are heavy machinima / 4:32 min. / 2021

An artificial intelligence dreams that it is an animal: As a cougar, it wanders through digital landscapes, lost in thought. Finally, in the guise of the big cat, it hides at the bottom of the sea to sleep until the world changes.

My paws are soft, my bones are heavy is a poetry film written by an artificial intelligence, narrated by a text to speech converter and shot within a modded video game. Together, these technical systems dream themselves into a tired animal.