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Tabletop Games

June 17, 2023 14:00
  • D&D
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  • RPG


We have 2 tables full open for D&D, you can bring your own table top games and we will also get the figurines painting workshop again! If you want to join check out our discord to add a table to the party!

We host TTRPG sessions once a month on Friday evening, once a month on Saturday end of the afternoon.

Join our discord channel to stay up to date and sign up with the DM's :

We also have many board games and you can bring your own to play together! New at Sickhouse GIANT JENGA! take the challenge :)

Doors open at 16.00, games start at 16.30

Price per table 5 or 10€ (define by the dice).

The last dates before the summer break are :

  • Friday 7 July (19:00-00:00)
  • Saturday 22 July (16:00-22:00)