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Sickhoes #3 Songs of Cyborgeoisie

July 15–31 August, 2023
  • Video
  • video game
  • Future

For the 3rd iteration of Sickhoes, we are giving the room to bbb_ and their project Songs of Cyborgeoisie.

Songs of Cyborgeoisie is an umbrella term for a story from the Cyborgeoisie Universe, presented in a multimedia way, which includes the single-player and multi-player 60 min gaming experience, based on the music album, released together with a Cyborgeoisie Tarot deck (in print), as well as various formats of technologically mediated live music show, which incorporate all these media.
In the music album and the game, each part of the story is narrated by a different character, who share either their trauma or visions of a utopian, tech positive future.

The music videos series present these individual stories: Narcissistic Algorithm first believe that Big Data and more processing power would help solve all Big Questions and Problems of the humankind. In the course of the narration the Algorithm transform their understanding of the world and of how technology can be driven. Other Intelligences character come with the perspective that there is a lot to learn from intelligent entities and agents, which differ from current understanding of the Homo Sapience intelligence centred around the logical (IQ) intelligence.


Saturday 15-07 for our Sickhoes event, we are hosting a Cyborgeoisie costume night, celebrating futuristic extravagance. Let's become the interspecies of the future and wonder about our (collective?) fortune!

In the cinema you will be able to play the game "Songs of Cyborgeoisie" from bbb_, next to the bar get in line for tarot reading with Pandra (with the tarot deck created by bbb_) and in the garden, enjoy your cocktail in this exclusive set up.

- The entrance is free, costumes are highly recommanded, make up will be available.
- Get inspired by the visuals of bbb_, latex, natural fabric, cables, metal... Find YOUR best fit! ⛓️🌀🐲🍁
- Best costume takes the tarot deck home!

(back) door opens at 19.00
Program until 00.00
Bar is open
Music - video game - tarot card