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Sickhoes Reopening

April 25, 2024 17:00
  • Sickhoes
  • Sicktour

Sickhoes is re-opening and to celebrate we present a great program within RMT next.

19.00 (ongoing) Sickhoes#5 Species of Spaces
19.30 Opening + Performance Katoenopolis (15 min)
20.30 Performance Katoenopolis (15 min)
20.45 Sicktour
21.00 Muziek l3x_shemanski

  • Katoenopolis - Iain Douglas en Mark Coverdale. Especially for sickhoes and inspired by the works of the Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Iain Douglas and Mark Coverdale create a new poetic machine consisting of 24 micro poems. The video is a magical realist exploration of the textile similarities between Enschede and Manchester, through painting, geology and sociology, narrated by the art movement Fluxus. For the opening, the artists will perform the piece live in the Sickhoes cinema.
  • The Sicktours are an invitation to reconsider our behaviours within the walls of the museum, look behind the curtains, feel the floors, be silly together.
    Listen to the sounds of the museum
    This time, Sicktour will focus on sounds. Exploring the museum inspired by ASMR*, we will search the hidden melodies of the Rijksmuseum.
    - Open for 15 participants max.
    - Meeting at the entrance of the museum at 20:45

*ASMR : autonomous sensory meridian response also known as "brain tingles," it can come from particular sound frequencies or visual things.

More info about the rest of the program Rijkmuseum Twenthe RMT next