Tim Simons balloon sculpture

March to the Sick

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! In february, Sickhouse became 5 years old! We celebrated this with a two day anniversary event with music, movies, exhibitions from the Sickhouse crew, and of course a lot of games.

With artists Kar!n, Ellen&Max, Remma and Sophia d’Rêve, we hosted a party of which the entrance profit will go to the following Sickhouse x The FemDem DJ-workshop program! We believe it is extremely important to give womxn-DJs the stage in this sadly still very male dominated world. (more info about the workshops coming up!)

On Saturday Nils, Philipp Wiynck, c00, Chebedajha, Elektortek, LAMB and drusnoise made a presence for an unforgettable party. And the whole celebration was made extra perfect by the amazing balloon art from TIMNOTSIMON.


Together with our anniversary we launched our new website ( the one you are now on:), made by The Rodina! This playful platform is now the one space where our event calendar, news, live stream, our community network and soon also our online digital archive comes together! But to fully get to know our website, we would love to invite you to play SWAMP SURFERS with us on March 10th! This game, created by the Sickhouse crew together with Louisa Teichmann, will make you discover all the parts of the website.

(check the event here : swamp surfers)

Sign up for Swamp surfer here to join online or on site.


On March 16th, Sonic DIY* comes back for its third edition, to explore the creation of sound outside the regular music spectrum! This edition has an amazing international line up. A unique chance to see this artists from all over the world! (check here Sonic DIY event page)

with :
MSHR is an art collective that builds and explores sculptural electronic systems.
Jasna Veličković is a composer and performer based in Amsterdam.
beepblip (Ida Hiršenfelder) is a sound artist and archivist.

*sonic DIY is a concept created by Ole Nieling and Patrick Jonkman


Exhibiting Anne Horel

This month is also the month that ANNE HOREL finally arrives in Enschede, and Sickhouse is organizing it’s first long term exhibition together with her!

Music videos, documentaries, animations, filters, brand content... Anne Horel expresses herself in many colourful ways. Playing with codes, she takes us into the surreal worlds through an aesthetic that combines various elements of pop and digital colture. Defining herself as a Polymorphic digital Artist, Anne has made social media her medium of predilection.

Within this new chapter we dive into social media platforms as we would in a rainbow version of the swamp. Following the show created for the Lavoir Numerique in France, Sickhouse is inviting Anne Horel to find playful and relevant ways to pull her work out of the (flat) screens. For this she wants to look into 3D printing, ceramic workshop, nail art, make up and more!

SAVE THE DATE: The 24th and 25th of March will be the official opening of Anne's exhibition in Sickhouse with an incredible performance by Tirikilatops! In the weeks and months to follow, this will be an ongoing project, with different (hybrid) events. The exhibition will be open every weekend for you to visit.