The Overkill is an art and gaming festival featuring a selection of interactive installations and indie games, an alternative film program, experimental live performances and a content program with talks, discussions and workshops.

The festival is a playful event during which we present our research developed through the program of Sickhouse during the year. Playfulness is the core of our program and popular and digital culture a base for our research and reflection. We are adapting the festival each year, depending on its location, the theme, our partners and the financial possibilities. It is part of our challenge to shape the event, looking for more interactivities, experimental practices, confronting disciplines and work processes etc…

The Overkill festival is an initiative of Stichting Guido. A foundation with the goal to support the development and presentation of digital culture.

In 2020, due to the Covid 19 pandemic situation, The Overkill was totally online, with an 3D multiplayer exhibition, a Mozilla Hubs space, and streamed live events. check the website for the info and archives.

Teaser The Overkill festival 2020, created by Molly Soda 🙂