The Overkill Festival is a 48 hours nonstop gaming and film event. On The Overkill, visitors are confronted with an ‘Overkill’ of popular culture multimedia, with a strong focus on movies, video and gaming. The transcending borders of these media and the corresponding subcultures evolving around them will get a special attention on the festival as well.

The festival is dedicated to underground movies and independent games. We will welcome artists, media philosophers, game designers and filmmakers from the Netherlands and abroad to get an overview of this subculture. The Overkill festival wants to be a place where all of gamers, movie lovers and artists can meet, play and think about the possibilities, consequences and impact of these mediums.

The Overkill festival is a initiative of Stichting Guido. A foundation with the goal to confront the visitors with a ‘overkill’ of popular media with a strong focus om movies, games, art, music and everything around digital media.